Thursday, July 13, 2006

Short: "One At A Time"

Here finally comes my diploma film, made during 2005.
Official Selection at the following festivalls:

Annecy 2006
Sicaf 2006
Hiroshima 2006

animation crew: Valentina Ventimiglia (animation, character design), Gabriele Barrocu (animation, storyboard), Alessia Cordini (background artist), Valeria Ghignone (animation and background artist).

sorry about the quality : )


  • great little film! just so you know...correct english on that would be "please ship one at a time"
    but it's great!

    By Blogger s.e.c, At 1:03 pm  

  • thanks! :)

    hehehe, sorry about the "one at the time",
    we've realized at the end :D

    By Blogger Valentina, At 1:29 pm  

  • ciouni,batah lets coming youah movaih fhor sechinah gGold?

    By Blogger Colpetto, At 11:35 am  

  • very nice. I love the style.

    By Blogger michael foster, At 1:36 pm  

  • sgausi, on the river in tha scrediut on jeah gha sdersavaus, barrocu is the best, xxmiglia grauts. of the better films da uorld

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 12:35 pm  

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